My view of consciousness, as it stands today, is with that of the mainstream, materialist understanding of consciousness – an internal byproduct of the brain, and likely the result of combined synaptic feedback, rather than any single area of the brain. In turn, this also means that I completely reject the asinine concept of consciousness adhering to Panpsychism – the belief that consciousness is everywhere, in everything that is made up of matter.

Having said that, as I think more about the likely prospect of reverse engineering the brain, and thus developing an artificial brain with all of its internal structures (including consciousness), I wonder if Panpsychism – while currently bullshit, IMHO – could eventually be engineered!?

This is a strange idea, and no doubt would cause a good amount of heads to turn in confusion and doubt, but once we’re able to develop artificial consciousness, the issue of ‘how’ and ‘where’ would no longer surmount our way of thinking and engineering. Meaning, once we can develop artificial consciousness into implants, or even nano-sized and femto-sized robotics, what’s stopping us from engineering Panpsychism?