With decades of Hollywood producing films that evoked robots and A.I. with seemingly demonic caricatures, these last few years have been a breath of fresh air. Whether it was a friendly A.I. who could fall in love (Her), an uploaded artificial mind who went to great lengths to achieve his wife’s dream of saving Earth (Transcendence), or a sentient robot saving her maker from an evil military corporation (The Machine), films today that feature robots and A.I. have clearly turned tides.

That tide appears to be keeping pace with the new upcoming sci-fi film Ex Machina. Having no relation to the comic book series of the same name, Ex Machina was directed and written by Alex Garland, who was also the screenplay writer for 28 Days LaterSunshine, and Dredd.

Ex Machina cover

Ex Machina Synopsis

A young programmer is selected to participate in a breakthrough experiment in artificial intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a breathtaking female A.I.

Writer/Director: Alex Garland
Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, and Alicia Vikander

When an artificially intelligent robot is put to the test by an unknown creator, how should she proceed in convincing those evaluating her? Through intelligence, sexuality, the will to live? And what if her creator isn’t convinced – should she die when her instincts are telling her to fight back for life? Ex Machina explores these questions and will surely provide answers during its yet-to-be-slated release next year.

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