“I like to think (and the sooner the better) of a cybernetic meadow, where mammals and computers would live together in mutually programming harmony, like pure water touching clear sky… I like to think (it has to be!) of a cybernetic ecology, where we are free of our labors and joined back to nature…all watched over by machines of loving grace.” – Richard Brautigan, “All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

What would happen if governments and private corporations had access to everything you see and could dictate who had access to their own memories? Today we’re only getting a taste of cyber-warfare between governments and hactivists, but could these conflicts intensify to such an extent that our very biology is in jeopardy? Sci-fi short film Hello World 🙂 takes a look into this future conflict and unveils a cyberpunk world.

Hello World 🙂 Synopsis

In a close future, a private company developed a technology aimed at boosting our brain capacity. But it requires from its clients to store their memory data on one single server. In this highly controlled world, a young woman has the power to change things.

Directed by: Rafael Mathé and Etienne Larragueta

If there’s anything in which we can benefit from watching dystopian sci-fi films, such as Hello World 🙂, it would be to help us get a better understanding as to the possible risks that might arise as a result of our advancing technologies. We shouldn’t be afraid of these risks, however, but instead do everything we can to alleviate, if not completely prevent, them. Let’s make sure Hello World 🙂 remains fiction.

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