EXTROPY: A measure of intelligence, information, energy, life, experience, diversity, opportunity, and growth. The collection of forces which oppose entropy. (Also a extropian quarterly magazine, see the Extropy Home Page) [T.O. Morrow, 1988]

Proactionary Principle: the 10 points

Life is anti-Entropic. In the universe you have the second law of thermodynamics, you have entropy everywhere. Entropy is breaking everything into it’s simpler constituents. Entropy is the playing out of process, breaking things down. But then you have this thing called life, in this goldilocks zome, this phenomena of life emerges it self organizes, it’s almost like life resides in a part of the universe that is self organizing towards complexity, it’s complexity bootstraps on its own complexity. Single celled organisms emerge in the biochemistry of a planet like earth that lives int he goldilocks zone. These single cells clump together into multicellular organisms, which eventually become primates. These primates then get caught in self awareness and start to self percieve. Then these primates start to imagine future possibilities, they start planning, a mind emerges. A fearful mind turns into a tool, they can then think with purpose and deliberation, then we spill over the creation of our minds into tools and then we engage in feedback loops with those tools to further extend our creative possibilities. It’s fascinating because it seems there’s a process of self organization of emergence haoppening here. These things are coming together and creating transcendent effects, exhibiting minds brains, these things seem to be greater than the sum of their parts. It’s when you get higher level order from lower level organization, this emergence. When birds enter swarms there’s no leader, nobody telling other birds how to get into this formation and seems to be self organizing. Our atoms clump together to cells, those cells clump together into organs, those organs clump together into humans, and we clump together with each other, create tools, wire each other with mind to mind communication, we create a global Gaiabrain, this global brain itself part of the biological global grid nervous system of nature and those those 2 things breathing and thinking, the universe wakes up.

The goal of Hunaity is to turn ourselves inside out, to actualize the human imagination, to literalize the human mind with our creativity. To turn our tools, these technological scaffoldings, to turn them into extensions of mind. To expand the boundries of mind. Kevin Kelly cofounder of WIRED calls technology the 7th kingdom of life, “the technium”, subject to the same evolutionary foreces rules. It operates on temes instead of memes. Human beings taker in matter of low organization and we put them through the filters of the human mind and we extrude space shuttles, wireless communication, and smartphones. With the industrial revolution, transcended the limitation of our muscles, with the information revolution we transcended the limits of our minds with the Biotechnology revolution we will transcend the limitations of biology by turning the software of life into something that is programmable, we may upgrade biology. With the nenotech revolution we will trancend the limits of matter, by pattern atoms the same way we pattern bits of information in digital space. The whole physical universe will become like the pixar universe as manipulatable and as fluid as the digital cosmos is. The physical cosmos will be programmable at that point when we’re patterning atoms like this. Consideer these implications in the context of where this places minds and life. Bucky Fuller used to say “life is an anti-entropic phenomenon”, life moves away from entropy towards greater self organization, greater patterns, upwelings of patterns and structure, this is life, this is mind. And as david deutsche said in his book “the beginning of infinity” he said “if you look already at the physical topography at a city like manhatten, that topograhy in which the forces of economics and culture and intent, have trumped geology. Like literally the forces of mind create more physical topographical change in the forces of geology, mind has trumped matter. As Kurzweil endeed his magnificent book “the singularity is near”, it turns out we are are central after all, not just a pale blue dot, our ability to create virtual models in our heads combined with our modest looking thumbs was sufficient to ussure in a tertiary force of evolution called technology, temetics, it will continue until the entire universe is in our fingertips. Haveing inventedf the gods, we could turn into them, that is the human story, that is turning ourselves inside out.

Morphogenesis is a term to explain the shaping of tissues, organs, and entire organisms. Consciousness is the creative force of the entire universe, it has been given many names, such as god, yahweh, kirishna, nature, the field, and divinity. The entire universe is in fact a single living conscious organism with complete awareness of itself. The reason it may seem difficult to comprehend this is because our understanding is limited by our language. When we hear the term “conscious organism we tend to anthropomorphize its definition by giving it human qualities, we tend to look past what an organism truly is in the first place. An organism is any livjg thing capable of response to stimuli, reproduction, growth and development, and maintenance of homeostasis as a stable whole. Our universe does all these things. The consciousness of our universe is responsible for the form and purpose that all matter assumes. The earth’s resonant frequencies are the result of it’s form. These frequencies are responsible for biological rhythms such as menstral and circadian cycles and emotional and behavioral patterns. The frequencies are then picked up by the flora andf fauna, biological instruments that respond to the wave patterns. Plato wrote: “this world is indeed a living being, endowed with a soul and intelligence, a single visible living entity, containing all other living entities, which, by their nature, are all related. Furthermore the cosmos is a living creature which contains all living creatures within it.”. Evolution is a term to define only one organism and that’s the self. The self is the universe, the self is the alpha and omega, god, and infinity, and that’s the only thing that evolves because we are all part of the self.

This idea of Biology as something with almost a kind of agency, a kind of directionality. Not to get metaphysical, but you could actually think of the 10 trillion cells that self-organize and collaborate to become the meta-organism that is a human being, means that biology seems to exhibit a kind of protoplasmic yearning, a desire to self organize. There seems to be conditions in this universe that engender novelty, complexity sprouts, mind emerges from matter and then starts to manipulate matter at the level of the atom with nanotechnology. It seems like human beings seem to be the cutting edge, the evolutionary pinnacle of self awareness becoming aware of its becoming. It’s like the birth of mind folds the attention back and looks at its own heritage and starts to put itself into context. The universe comes to know itself through human beings, we’ve decomissioned natural selection as Wilson says, and now we must look deep within ourselves and decide what we wish to become.

OPTIMAL PERSONA: An imagined model of the ideal person we want to become. The Optimal Persona is the ideal self, the higher (and continually developing) individual much like Nietzsche’s conception of the ubermensch but applied to the individual. [Max More,1993; same term but different conception from that used by Bruce Sterling in Islands in the Net.]

Nothing is real that is not eternal.This purpsose of sentience, the point of life is to trump entropy, move beyond decay, towards greater complexity towards a greater knowing.