Lucid dreaming is alternatively a sought after skill, a huge myth, or something you can already do. Soon, the myth will be debunked for all of us, because researchers suggest that low electrical currents sent through the scalp can trigger self-awareness in dream states.
The article published in Nature recommends that 25 to 40 Hz of electricity may be responsible for lucid dreaming.
Lucid dreaming is the practice of conscious activity when one is asleep within a dream. You can choose where to go, want you want to do, and who you want to see.People even suggest training those who suffer from nightmares to practice lucid dreaming. More control over your dream state could avoid the fears that trigger nightmares.


Imagine if we were able to control our dreams with subtle pulses of electricity to shape the world we wanted to live in while asleep. Any foe that existed we could defeat with mental energy like Neo to the machine Sentinels.


Given the ability, with a little electrical kick, what would you want to dream? Would you create a whole world? Would you just want to walk and explore? Would you even be comfortable administering light electrical pulses through your scalp or for someone to do it for you? And would we become to preoccupied with our dreams and sleep our way through wakefulness?