Two years ago, a giant robot duel had been issued by American robotics company MegaBots, Inc. Soon thereafter, Japanese robotics company Suidobashi Heavy Industry accepted the challenge. Which brings us to the here and now. After taking all of the necessary time in getting their machines ready for action, the giant robot duel is now officially a go! The date: August of this year. The location: unspecified. Where you can watch: on either MegaBots or Suidobashi‘s YouTube channels.


The robots that will be participating in the world’s first giant robot duel are the Mk.III and Kuratas. It’s a sci-fi dream turned reality. We’ve all watched famous anime shows, like Gundam and Voltron, whereby dueling robots were the main attraction. Today, they’re about to become a spectacle for the entire world to witness. And if everything goes according to plan, this massive hit could become a common practice – a future sport in the making!

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Five to ten years from now, giant robot duels could very well become the norm. Countries all across the world will dedicate some of their time and resources in building up representative teams and their own personal giant robots. From there, they’ll compete with other countries and their own robots tournament-style. These duels could also serve as a friendly competition that’ll ultimately ensure overall peace throughout the globe.


Then again, things could go very wrong as well. As opposed to friendly duels between various countries, these robots could eventually be used for war. In fact, we already use robots for war and during domestic terrorist attacks. They’re one of the most successful future predictions made throughout science fiction. Robots being used as a means of destruction is something we’d all like to avoid, but if history gives us any indicator, our wishes could very well fall on deaf ears. Let us hope that isn’t the case.

“Doing this the right way took a year longer to plan and coordinate than we wanted, for a bunch of reasons. We’re keeping the location secret so we can guarantee there will be no more delays. Keep an eye out for more updates about the Mk.III and the Giant Robot Duel soon!”

– MegaBots, Inc.


Thirty to fifty years from now, giant robots will be used throughout various major industries. From the military to space exploration, giant robots will become a necessary asset of our protection and expansion across the universe. They’ll be used in our construction facilities, helping build architecture beyond our imagination, reaching the tip of our own skies.

Even then, the robot dueling concept may live on as well. The efficiency and power witnessed by these future giant robots will be like watching actual gods duking it out. It’s far too tempting to not consider this possibility, especially since it’s been written throughout sci-fi and etched into our very psyche over the course of several decades. This is our opportunity in making our dreams a reality. Welcome to the future!