In the double slit experiment, Electrons, when not being observed, no longer seem to behave like dots, but rather as spread out waves. When we observe the impact they are spread out in a diffraction pattern. The experiment shows something really rather extraordinary. It shows that matter, even though it behaves (when you’re looking at it or measuring it) as individual particles, when you’re not measuring it matter ios diffused, it spreads out, it doesn’t have a finite form in the universe. These basic rules of quantum mechanics apply to all subatomic particles. When We look at them they’re just dots, when we look away, they lose their visible form.So how parallel is this behavior with what we see when we play video games, the example is sim city is an enormous city because the playstation gives you a frame that you need when you look. If you look somewhere the frame materializes, it’ll create the frame for you. Oddly enough the universe behaves that same way in reality, it gives you what you’re looking at when you’re looking at it. When you’re not looking at it its not necessarily there. Our world is pixelated and only assumes defInite form when observed, the very same way our computer simulations behave.